replacing mini-blinds and 13% alcohol by volume

ruined miniblinds

ruined miniblinds

about six months ago, i was informed by the office that during a walkthrough of the property, managment noticed my damanged miniblinds and that the office would replace them as they were an eyesore to the property. i was to be charged $29.99 per set of miniblinds and there are three sets to be replaced.
okay, office, i’ll give you that. they look crappy and unkempt. but $30 per set? i had to find out: is this a reasonable charge?? so i checked it at home depot. $13.49 per set. and on top of that, i checked out videos on replacing miniblinds. you open a tab and pull ’em out and slide the next set in. i could see $30 if it was an involved process that my feeble resident self couldnt manage. so i picked up three sets.
we came home and i put off the project. the boys and i were supposed to go to the pool yesterday but i was preoccupied by housesitting duties and family so we had to wait. when i come home lately, i look around and assess what i can afford to put in a box. or i try to decide where things will go when we move. and i consider the fact that i should try to make the move easy on everyone who’s been kind enough to volunteer to help me move. it was nice to go to the pool and just be. just relax and watch the boys splash eachother and laugh and play. and after the pool i ate a lovely steak courtesy of kara and enjoyed perhaps the strongest beer i have ever tasted: belzebuth, a blond ale from france.. its very smooth but it goes straight to your head and makes everything real fuzzy real quick.
flip up

flipping the tab up. kinda difficult on some tabs but that may be the idea

after everyone ate dinner, it was time for homework for my oldest. so i grabbed a chair to stand on to remove and size the first replacement blind. naturally, not as simple as i first thought it would be. i got the first set of blinds down but the metal casing for the new set was too large to fit into the brace of the old set. great. the brackets for the existing miniblinds were drilled into the wall and instructions for the new blinds have the brackets attatched to the top panel of the window frame. i would have moved mine, but the tops of these windows are shaped like arches, so no rearranging fixtures there.
i replaced the brackets that hold the blinds to the sides of the window hoping i could rig it to hold the blinds up securely. this was a sound plan except for the fact that the blinds aren’t wide enough to reach the edge of the window by about 3/4 of an inch. so the blinds fell across my bare feet at the edge of the chair when i tried adjusting them. miraculously, the third window does not have an arc at the top and its fixtures are installed into the top of the window so i was able to easily snap the bracket open and drop the new set into the supports and snap it back closed. in which case i only have 2 sets of miniblinds to return or exhange rather than three. all in a days’ work i guess. you live, you learn.


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