wheels in motion

keymy final walkthrough and the signing fell on the thursday before memorial day and it just so happened that the date my real estate agent and i selected to be the closing date was monday, may 30th. and this year that fell on Memorial Day: offices closed, barbecues lit. so in a way i felt like a dope for inadvertently screwing myself out of my close date. i’d have to wait until tuesday to get the keys and honestly feel the transition to homeowner in my life.
the boys came with me to the walkthrough. we met our agent, jackie, at the house. the owner was here and i followed the boys throughout the house as they checked for any damage we may have missed the first time. they were so happy and so excited. they were telling jackie all about what was going where in the house and who would be with us and about all the fun things that they would get to do once we lived here. and jackie’s such a genuinely nice woman who just loves children so she spoiled them with questions and suggestions. we were only at the house for a good 15 minutes but as jackie reviewed details about leaving the keys at the title company, she saw a key on the table. she asked if it was a house key and the owner nodded and handed it to her, who then turned and handed it to me. i held it with my purple wallet as if it were a piece of paperwork i was trying not to misplace. we all said goodbye before he climbed on his bike to check the mail.
we followed jackie to the title company where i signed a criminal amount of paperwork as she sat with the boys and played lavamonster. as we left the title company to get to the bank for the cashier’s check, it felt like the whole transaction was very mundane for everyone involved, including me. i acted very collected the entire afternoon. and all through saturday as i worked a double and left early to go to blanco for dinner, promising to pack and be organized when i got home. instead i fell asleep. on sunday again i meant to be productive but spent my time relaxing and cooking. monday dragged by as i trudged through work trying to mentally outline all of the little things to do to set up for the move such as organize all the people who offered to help me. i spent two weeks at the beginning of may cleaning appliances and unearthing toys from beneath the couches to be packed safely for the move. i spent two months carefully packing up my kitchen and closets and sending unused items off to goodwill. painted the walls back to white. and now that it was almost here i felt like i was scrambling and grasping at straws when it came to my time constraint. but as i sat on the apartment steps monday night, eating an ice cream cone, a fact crashed into my consciousness and i smiled as it became clear and dawned on me: “today is my close date. contract is closed and i have a house.” and this subtle joy coursed through me as if to say “everything is all right.”
thats when i knew it was time to let go of the fear and just get things done. i was afraid to move on from the apartment, afraid that i wasn’t going to be able to legitimately get the house. as if i were filling out a form online just to see what it would be like to apply for something i knew was out of reach. with that emotion out of the way, the first order of business was to go to the electric company’s website and transfer my service. next up: rent a uhaul online in advance. i then went to change my address with the postal service and perhaps set up broadband at the house.
after that i went to the kitchen to pack two more boxes and clean up a little before i layed awake in bed, clicking away on my blackberry every time i thought of something to prepare for moving day or some bill that i needed to get out of the way before i forgot.


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