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starting from scratch

black cat

the black cat

this, dear reader, is a photo taken from my phone as the first picture to be hung on a wall of my new home. i started hanging pictures up about two weeks ago. that means i waited almost two months before i started that project. the cat is hanging on the wall across from the staircase so that i can see it every time i go down the stairs. or any time i head toward the boys’ wing of the house. i didn’t want to have to rearrange the artwork or think of when i would have to remove it, as often as you have to move and patch and repair apartments. so funny how apartment living has conditioned the way i want to live in my house. this a new and exciting chapter. looking at the photo, i notice the absence of color on the walls and the absence of the memories associated with the setting. the photo looks like ones i pore over from my short adult life: i suppose i equate blankness with more innocent times, times when i had no idea what was to come. it is a bit uneasy so far not knowing every little square inch of the house. i was so personally intimate with the aparment, especially just before i moved out of it. all part of the journey, i suppose.
as is my first dispute with my neighbors (cringe). last sunday, i let the dogs out into the backyard at 630 am as i usually do. i went back to bed for about an hour before i had to get up to get ready for work. as i was coming down the stairs to let the dogs in, the doorbell rang. i saw the husband half of the couple through the peephole; dissheveled hair, a tshirt and boxer shorts, barefoot and scowling. my front door, as i may have mentioned, requires a key to unlock the deadbolt from the inside. as i didn’t know where the keys were, i never answered the door. he went home as i let the dogs in. all day at work the peephole image kept flashing before my eyes. after work, i went next door while the kids ate to apologize for the dogs that morning. the couple invited me in and said that they’d been meaning to talk to me for about a month’s time because the barking was happening daily and was becoming a nuisance. they told me that they’d been trying to give me the benefit of the doubt because we’d just moved in but it was becoming clear that the dogs were doing this on a regular basis. lucky me they even offered to help me out by installing a dog door or even coming over to let the dogs out for me if i needed them to. conversation drifted to the previous owners of each of our houses and when i left that evening, i didn’t want to change my morning routine because i was at war with my neighbors. i wanted to change it because they were so nice to me and its important to me to maintain good standing with them and maybe eventually friendship.
to top it off, just one week later, husband and wife brought over a freshly baked zucchini loaf to my children and i to have for breakfast all week as a token of thanks for letting the dogs in every morning. a sigh of relief. i was thrilled.
lastly, i am dismayed to report that something is dead in my garage and is stinking it up. and i do not want to pull the garage apart, and i don’t particularly want to find it even though i know i have to. i also don’t want to be creeped on or crawled on by anything else as i am looking for said deceased, seeing as how the scream that i would scream would be so shrill and loud so as to wake the poor dead thing as i am trying to dispose of it.
now that would be a post!