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Your Drain Update, as Promised.

So, last week, I attempted to clear my shower drain the way I saw it done in videos and failed.


scene of the crime

To begin, I assembled all of my materials. Drain auger, standard screwdriver, rubber gloves, beer, newspaper,and courage. I started by unscrewing the plate underneath the faucet so as to work the snake down there and pull the clog out that way, clean and slick and all at once:

removing the plate

removing the plate

You can see that I have the newspaper over the drain for when I inevitably drop one of the screws and I am wearing my weekend jeans, just in case. I was paranoid about disgusting bugs climbing out of that dark hole and toward my face, just so you know. Once the metal plate was safely out of range of the drain (read on the floor outside and next to the tub), I got comfortable with shoving the business end of the snake down the pipe in efforts to find something to fish out:


Nothing. More shoving, more snaking, more snagging, more swearing.
Still nothing.
I haven’t been able to get the stopper out of the drain. I chalked it up to my lack of knowledge about different drains or else to HAIR holding it. I’ve been trying to unscrew it for months. I kind of started prying at it with the screwdiver. I don’t know what made me go get my little knife, but after I worked that around the base of the stopper, the damn thing finally came free.



Between my rubber-gloved hands, the snake, and the screwdriver, I removed the hair as best I could and snaked at the drain a little and very poorly. Then I flushed it with water and it’s been clear since then.



Week after next is the drain in the kitchen sink. I’m on vacation next week baby!


Step One

The drain in my shower upstairs is clogged. When I shower, water backs up and gets up to my ankles and drains very very slowly. It’s hair in there, I know it is. And I hate pulling hair out of drains. Who doesn’t, right? So step one was to check out for a video on how to clear the drain. This was the best one I found:

Informative and horrifying all in one. Entertainment, folks. This afternoon I gathered up some newspapers to catch the clog, a screwdriver for the plate in the tub, and my rubber gloves that thinly protect me from nasty things. I started to unscrew the screws and . . .


. . . paused to take a photo so you could see the process and what I found. I was looking for an attachment similar to the one in the above video that connects a long metal part from the plate down to a spring designed to hang near the drain and catch debris. The idea is that you can pull the plate off and with it the clog. Then you replace it and shower clog-free. I found that I have no such attachment and next week you will find a post from me on how to use a plumber’s auger, or rather, my experiences with a plumber’s auger. Also known as a “snake”. Sigh.