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Obscure Tool Sees Light of Day

I love the smell of warm wood and sawdust. I don’t mind digging through nails. I used to love crushing rocks in the vice in the backyard and sanding wood by hand for no reason. I love sitting in the sunshine and I’m proud of hard work. Thanks Dad; Happy Birthday.

So the first thing I thought I would share with you all is that I slammed a drawer shut in the kitchen last week (silly girl, I know) and the entire front fell off of it and onto the floor.
As you might be able to tell from the photo, it looks as if some post-manufacturer “repairs” were made to this drawer. A few times. There’s loads of dried glue on either side of the drawer and these sharp devilish nails are sticking out of the drawer itself waiting to stab my unsuspecting and innocent legs.
Add to that tidbit this factoid: At the suggestion and gracious gift of a friend from work, Hannah, I went to plant some fava beans in the backyard where I want to put a garden next year. She told me that the roots will dig the tunnels for my future veggies for me and that the leftover plants will provide more nutrients to the ground. If you’ve been following along in my house adventure, you would know that the entire ground outside of this house is covered in blue tarp, then dirt, then rocks. And if you know me, you can guess what happened when I pulled up the tarp: I found a bunch of little white termites. My neighbor Kim came outside just in time to hear me start swearing about the situation. She told me that those aren’t the type of termites that invade the house and that for the most part sunlight kills ’em. And then it rained a lot so the ground’s still soaked and heavy for me to rip up that tarp so I’m going to give it a couple days and try my hand at termite extermination.
Also, the other smoke detector downstairs also developed a mind of its own so it is currently disconnected and awaiting replacement.

Onto the title topic though: Floating Shelves!!

Meet my computer desk. It’s black and has a lot of elbow room so I can spread out. I love it. What I don’t love is when it gets cluttered with office supplies and I can’t spread out like I so like to. I’ve been wanting to put up the floating shelves I saved from the apartment for a while now and today I honestly needed a project to just dive into to get my mind off things. So Shelf Installation it was. I overcame my fear of installing drywall anchors today. That was the main thing holding me back. The wall has been marked I would say for about a month with pencil marks of where to drill the holes. The funny thing about this particular wall is that once I measured the midpoint of the wall and plotted all of the studs with a stud finder –which is time-consuming and requires entirely too much of my patience — it came to my attention that none of the studs would be able to bear the weight of the shelves due to poor placement. Drywall anchors were in order. Which I picked up about three weeks ago. As I prepared to delve into the project headfirst, it naturally came to my attention that I was lacking a 5/16″ drill bit to drill holes for the anchors. I picked my eldest up from school and we stopped at the hardware store before getting my youngest. Once we got home, I grabbed the drill from the garage and climbed on top of the computer table. I leveled the braces for the shelves and drew perfect pencil holes and used some of the kids’ stickers to mark where the studs were so I wouldn’t forget or get confused. And I drilled away. I inserted the wall anchors:

like so and whoa did that hurt my fingers. The plan is to squeeze the anchor together and then insert it into the wall. Then you’re to take a little peg that comes with the kit and push it into the anchor to get the back to pop open behind the wall. Ha. Ha. I could not get the anchors pushed through the drill hole. I thought I wasn’t squeezing them together hard enough so I made a trip to the garage for a pair of pliers. Didn’t help. So I made another trip to the garage for my trusty hammer. I skipped the popping open of the anchors when it just wasn’t happening and went on to screwing the screws into the wall. Again, I am a clumsy woman that strange and stupid things happen to, so you can expect that I screwed each screw into each bracket slowly by hand across the board. Leave it to me to jump the gun and do too much too fast. So yes that meant another trip to the garage first for the phillips head and then when that wasn’t enough, I went back for the standard and I only stabbed myself with it three or four times in the index finger of my left hand trying to keep it in the head of the screw. ow.
Slowly but surely I got the braces screwed into the wall as I was helping my son with subtraction from across the room. They’re learning about money. Which is hard as adults sometimes. And then the easy part of slapping the shelves themselves onto the braces and screwing them in underneath. They’re WAY too close together but that’s okay. I can reach the rubber bands from here. Maybe I can fit mini novels up there and lay other books down in a stack that I use for reference or inspiration. Ahhhhhhh. I feel so much better.