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In the Garage

I would just like to paint a picture for all of you tonight. For the last two to three days, my nose and sinuses have been going haywire. I’ve had headaches and sneezes and congestion and have generally been laying low. I have also been blowing my nose like crazy so it’s very red and irritated. I decided to [finally] start on the second, hideous, kitchen drawer. I bought sandpaper last week sometime with intentions to get started that afternoon. There are a few different kinds of sandpaper that I was introduced to that day. There’s a fine sandpaper for finishing your projects, an “in-between-layers” paper, a medium grade paper, and lastly, a stripping paper. If you remember, the drawer was FULL of paint, glue, nails, cracks, screws, and grief. Naturally. I bought the heavy duty paper ($8 for three triangles to fit on my Black & Decker Mouse sander!!).
SO I decided tonight would be the perfect night to treat my nose to a little Vaseline, put on mismatched pajamas, crack open a Sam Adams Summer Ale, start a load of laundry, plug in the sander and give that drawer what’s coming to it. I pulled a little stool I have into the open half of the garage. The plan was to use the stool as a table to avoid sanding any part of my fingers or legs. The only outlet on that side of the garage is conveniently located in the ceiling. If memory serves, the former owner had a work area in the nook on that side. I have a tiny stool and the sander does not have that long of a cord. There is a built-in cabinet close to the outlet (6 plugs can fit in at once if I so choose to do that) so I opened up the door so that I could put the sander on one of the higher shelves if necessary.
sander setup
There I was all set up to restore the drawer when I realized I didn’t grab or locate my safely goggles. We all know I need them. I looked everywhere in the garage, every hook, every drawer and shelf, even a bowl with paint stuff in it. Nothing. Then the dog started barking. Inside the house. I let him outside and returned to the garage when I remembered that the last time I used them was when I was sawing a hole in the wall for the dog door. I found the goggles! On a shelf with the incomplete dog door, but that’s neither here nor there.

safety/beer goggles

Ready to sand!

I finally got to work and I got some of the paint off but a lot of it is under an ugly layer of glue and nails and screws. What I think is funny is that the former owner built the cabinets and drawers and shelves that are in the garage by hand and they’re great. He did a really nice job with them. I just don’t know why there had to be this much glue involved. As I was sanding my oldest son came to the garage and scared the hell out of me. I didn’t scream that time though. He wanted to tell me about a dream he had yesterday about the power going out. After he went back to bed I tried to grind off the rest of the glue but some of it is here to stay, folks. post-sanding
In addition, some of the drawer itself is also damaged so I think I’ll need some different wood clamps to get everything to stay in place properly as it dries. I definitely need to invest in some quality cabinetry at some point though. Don’t want anyone lamenting the cabinets I left them with down the line . . .


What I Do When I Find a Dead Mouse in the Garage

  • Scream
  • Leave it there
  • Walk away
  • Keep glancing at it while I sweep the floor to be sure it hasn’t moved and won’t attack me
  • Approach it
  • Sweep it toward the garage door
  • Squeal
  • Realize that it’s been dead for months because it’s light as a feather
  • Put it in the trashcan
  • Look for more dead mice

I recently recycled some magazines and boxes that were crowding the garage. One of the boxes was so heavy that I couldn’t move it so I just emptied it out bit by bit. Somehow the mouse got stuck back there and it looks like it lived there for a little while. Then we all know what happened to it. Maybe I’ll never find another one.

In other news, the jasmine is still alive and well in the front yard. I’ve been watering it daily and seem to have found a good spot for it where it gets enough sunlight without getting fried. Also, my citrus trees each have mini fruits on them. Hooray. I’d take a photo but it’s  dark outside.

I’ve been noticing how boring the walls are in here so look for a fun and detailed entry next week about curtains or paint or both. Or about pruning paradise bushes so I can see out of the front window.