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Moment of Truth!


This morning, I transplanted my itty bitty baby basil sprouts (from seed!) into a larger pot:


Those babies had a LOT of roots mashed up together at the bottom of that little pot. More than I expected. Hope they survive.


Spring is Encroaching on My Backyard (I like it.)

It looks like the Secret Garden in my backyard right now. There’s always been a vine growing on top of one of the back walls and I always wonder whether or not it will die if I ever try to trim it (I also wonder if it will die if I look at it for too long or breathe on it). Then suddenly this week, it had magically sprouted yellow flowers. I took my phone outside the other day to snap a photo for you, my faithful reader. I had no way of knowing that the flowers would be giant! They look like yellow hibiscus flowers. They’re beautiful and bright cheerful blooms and they are also inviting. My yard is benefiting from a neighbor’s green thumb. I don’t know whose vine it is, as there are four yards that come together at that corner of my yard. I hope that some of their magic stays with my plants though.

another shot of the blossoms

I was excited to find new growth on the jasmine plant too. Today when I bothered to look closely enough at it, I saw that the new growth is little tiny blooms. I just love the way jasmine smells. Sweet but also rich and soft and gently commanding. Which reminds me I need to pick up some gardening tools and gloves.
I also felt that it was high time to clean out my closet. I had lots of papers saved up from over the last decade. A lot of it I recycled in disgust: I sat on the floor of my closet pushing my cat away for about forty five minutes. I opened shoeboxes that held paycheck stubs from over seven years ago. *shred I pulled old bank statements and bills out of binders. *shred I tossed owner’s manuals from weird appliances I don’t own any more. It’s not as if I don’t have the room for all of it any more. The problem it was giving me was that having those sorts of things around tends to put me in the mindframe of being in a different place than I actually am. A lot of the paperwork I shredded (or will shred on Shred Night BYOB and documents to shred) are from accounts that are closed.

Breaking News! My pink jasmine is alive!!! I’ll never not water it again!