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To give you an idea of what’s floating around in my mind tonight, I will tell you about some articles I’ve read tonight, in no particular order: scraping popcorn ceiling off, what asbestos is, what joint compound is, how to hang drywall, what metal beading is, how to apply joint compound to metal corner beading, and lastly, how to apply a skim coat to drywall. Judging by these topics it sounds like I’m going to gut a room and start from scratch. Luckily for everyone within a 10 mile radius, I’m not that ambitious (tonight).
Last night, we celebrated my youngest son’s 6th birthday. We had a little party here at the house with family and a couple friends, Batman themed. There are about two months between now and my oldest son’s 11th October birthday, plenty of time for us to get the playroom cleared out and prepared for him to move into it from a shared bedroom with his little brother. Maybe we will make a trip to goodwill tomorrow and stop at the hardware store for paint samples. I’d like a slate blue for that room, my son votes turquoise (?!). I am also anxious to rip up the carpeting in there and will probably put down some laminate flooring until I can get tile going.
As I watched videos here and there on the topics mentioned above, it occurred to me how familiar some things were to me, down to the boxes of product and the sound the knife made as it was scraping along the drywall. My dad was a carpenter for most of my childhood. I have no solid memory of ever watching him at work at any jobsite, but I could almost smell the compound as if I were in the room. A memory that’s lost without a tiny visual cue. I felt comfortable and at ease just watching. I also felt, as I watched one man mixing a little water into his compound, that each element of constructing, repairing, or resurfacing had its own set of supplies and techniques that all fit together. Layers that create a home. Each, to me, was its own art project. A tiny art project that I am fully capable of completing.