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Can Spring Spring Already?

So I vomited in the house for the first time the other day. When I write it like that, it sounds like it was everywhere. It was contained. I had a “Now I’m home” moment. I mean, I’ve had so many so far. But vomiting is kind of primal and very embarrassing. So that’s out of the way.
Last week I went to Home Depot. I have two official projects to start. My neighbor Jason mentioned to me a while back that the list of projects that you want to do in your house never ever gets any shorter. I am feeling the pain of this increasing list. I am a “list person” as in I usually make a list of tasks I need to complete and grocery lists and things to save money for and all that jazz. There are probably seven lists sitting on my phone that I stare at all the time. But I digress.
I went to Home Depot to finally buy an air filter for the treacherous air conditioning intake duct. The first project that I’m excited to start is to make the hall closet more functional for guests. The boys and I keep our bags in the garage on hooks and when I have people over, I can hang their coats for them, but I don’t have a reasonable place for their phones or keys or hats or purses. The doors to the closet are the classic apartment sliding doors, laminate “wood”, with a metal shelf toward the top of the closet with a curved lip to hold hangers. White, dusty, plain. I was shopping for shelves and closet rods and wallpaper. And ideas. I’ve never designed a closet before. I am looking forward to it.
The other project that is more of a necessity, especially with the summer coming, is to replace and upgrade the window treatments in the living room. The sliding glass door in this room is tall and very long and it has vertical blinds all along its length. On the adjacent wall are two more window, maybe three feet by four feet each, also adorned with vertical blinds. To hide the hardware for each set of blinds, the previous owner had these upholstered boxes made and installed. They’re white, like the walls, and at this point very dusty. I am convinced that the plastic vertical blinds have been installed in that house since it was built. Each blind has seen so much sun damage that they are very yellow and brittle and practically crack and disintegrate when I look at them. They are so incompetent that they don’t even move in unison when I pull the beaded chain to open them up. If one of them falls off of its holder, it’s a goner because no way in hell can I get it back into it’s clip without breaking it more. Add to these facts that I have a giant dog that is constantly galloping through the door and two wild sons and a little white pooch chasing him, sometimes before I can get the blinds open, and you have a lot pf broken blinds on that window and the other windows. SO much so that on one window with the blinds fully drawn, you can still see through half the window. And so can my neighbor. Goal: buy curtains. I lived in apartments for about nine years and I am over vertical blinds and cheap fixtures. Now I have a house and so now I can have insulated thermal pretty curtains that are a COLOR and that aren’t going to break all the time no thanks to the dog.
Naturally, all accounts of said projects will be gloriously relayed to you right here.
I did actually buy something else at Home Depot; jasmine. I love the way it smells in the summertime. Sweet but not too overpowering. I bought a white one and a pink one and they’re sitting in their pots under the kitchen window outside. I love them.
OH and my lemon tree and grapefruit tree each have buds on them. I am thrilled. Maybe I am getting better at not killing plants.