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I Guess You Had to Be There When . . .

    • I dropped the coffee carafe in the sink and it shattered all over the place. This was after I poured water into the coffee maker and set up a filter complete with coffee grounds in it.
    • The next to last light bulb on the light fixture above the dining table burned out. I am fairly certain I’ll need to purchase a ladder in order to replace those bulbs.
    • I found out that there is a space between the top frame of the front door jamb and the wall above the front door by dropping the only house key into it accidentally. The only other house key is locked in a fancy pad-box from the CIA From Hell that you need a remote control to open, which, naturally, I do not possess.
    • I found a leak under the bathroom sink.

On the other hand, I did manage to repair the first kitchen drawer. Bought wood glue at a hardware store for a couple bucks. Sorry team, I didn’t take any photos until phase one of Drawer Repair was complete; bear with me and my grand plan. The front of the drawer fell off because the edges of the wood that were holding the front on to the sides of the drawer began to pull away from the front of it and it eventually snapped off from our grubby fingers pulling the drawer open all the time.
So the first order of business was to glue those wooden pieces back on so that I could attach the front of the drawer to the sides. I tried at first to kind of hold the spare pieces of the front of the drawer in place to see if there was any way I was going to get it back on. Bits of the composite wood kept falling off and it became clear to me that I would need to remove the staples from the pieces that I had if I wanted there to be room for the glue. So I carefully pried those babies out with a small screwdriver lest the cheap drawer disintegrate in my hands.
As soon as I opened the wood glue I felt very reassured. My dad was a carpenter for most of my childhood and I had no idea that the scent of wood glue would put me at ease the way it did. After all, this type of task is in my blood, isn’t it? Sandpaper, staples, nails, classic rock, wood glue, a screwdriver, and swearing. I positioned the little wooded pieces that were snapped off and glued them down. I clamped each side and then I used a hammer to tap the particle board-like pieces closer together.

The groove you see is where the bottom panel of the drawer fits into.

Hah I just noticed you can see my dog in the background. He looks proud of me.
I believe in my heart that the clamps were what made this project successful. Without them, the glue would’ve ruined the fit that I needed. I left it clamped for a couple hours; the glue bottle only calls for 30 minutes, but I had to pick my children up. When I came home, it only took a little wiggling to get the front of the drawer to fit onto the drawer itself, which I then glued into place. I added a couple nails in each side to reinforce the drawer but I know it won’t last forever.
What I do know is that the second drawer will not be as cooperative.
This, readers, is a drawer of desperation. The previous owner clearly repaired it a few times. He didn’t remove the staples from the edges; there’s one at the top left of the drawer in the photo above. It looks like it broke in the same way as the drawer I just described.
There are chunks missing from the backing here. The original manufacturer’s screws are in place and then there are a couple he added after the fact. The drawer is coated in glue, nails, and paint. It looks like he nailed the front of the drawer in place a couple times but missed the adjoining walls so there are craters where I’m going to be attempting repairs:

What’s life without a few challenges? Hopefully I can just get it to stay together for me until I am ready to replace the cabinets down the line a bit. I also want to tile the floor and add cabinets and/or a bar. Also stay tuned this week for Amateur Leaky Faucet Repair. Fun.